Brimfield Live Online Registration

There are several ways to participate as a Brimfield Live Online Vendor! We encourage you to take advantage of all of them as the key to success is exposure. The more people see you, the higher your chances of making sales!

Opton #1- Sign up for the show. You may sign up for a basic booth or a featured booth.


The basic booth will all be on our main show page and will consist of one picture, a short description of your business and a link to wherever you would like to send people. This link may be a link to your ebay, etsy, Poshmark etc shop or it may be a link to your website or social media page. It's your choice!

The cost for a basic booth is $25. 

The Featured Booth is the same as the basic booth but you will also be featured on our homepage during the show and at least for one month following the show. You can see some featured vendors on our homepage now from the last show! 

The cost for a featured booth is $50.

Option #2- Sign up for a free booth on Ruby Lane, our show partner for virtual booths! Even if you already have an e-commerce platform, signing up for a virtual booth on Ruby Lane will get you in front of thousands of new targeted antique buyers. Ruby Lane's site gets over 1 million visitors a month and their buyers are educated and seasoned collectors who love to shop! There is a 10% commission per item paid to Ruby Lane if you sell something. They do an amazing job promoting the show. It's risk free and again, the exposure and the privilege to sell on Ruby Lane is a real treat! Even we have a booth!

Option #3- Sign up for a LIVE Broadcast through our streaming partner Broadcast Sales Live! We've teamed up with BSL to bring you the most cutting edge streaming available on Facebook. We will now have the ability to simulcast our live streams to multiple pages and groups at the same time! Plus, you'll get training and a dress rehearsal so if your nervous about trying it, you will get all the support you need and in addition to our shoppers, we'll have access to their large audience as well! Check it out:

Broadcast Sales Live is an organization that has been providing antiques, vintage and collectible vendors Facebook broadcast space and production support for years. They offer 15+ buy sell groups, host 100+ superstar sellers broadcasting live 24/7/365 in a variety of interesting formats, have 100,000+ aggregate buyers (mostly in the US and Canada).

Broadcast Sales Live brings a large professional moderation and support team comprised of technologists and people with decades of experience in the antiques world. They offer a setup and dress rehearsal program to help even the most shy antique dealers sell virtually, participate in live sales and have fun. They are the only organization actively offering the ability to multicast, a simulcast across multiple Facebook places at once, including a dealer's own Facebook page, if they desire. This exponentially increases the impact, expands the audience dramatically and powers an enjoyable and secure experience for both sellers and buyers.

Dealers who opt to sell live during Brimfield LIVE will receive:

* entry into the dress rehearsal and training program

* technical and sales coaching from Broadcast Sales Live

* a one or two hour show slot 

* a professional moderator assigned to their day of virtual event to ensure everything goes smoothly

1 Hour is $100. Additional Hour $30.